Baxalta Incorporated (NYSE: BXLT) is a global biopharmaceutical leader developing, manufacturing and commercializing transformative therapies to treat orphan and underserved disease conditions in hematology, immunology and oncology. Baxalta spun-off from Baxter International Inc. on July 1, 2015.

16,000 employees
100+ countries where we operate
Bannockburn, IL global headquarters
Cambridge, MA Global R&D Innovation Center

Purpose-Driven Performance
Baxalta has a solid foundation and our patient-focused strategy, disciplined financial management, transformative culture and people, position us well to drive profitable growth and enhance value for patients, customers and shareholders.

$6bn revenue 2014
6-8% ↑ revenue expected through 2020
$500mm expected size of oncology franchise by 2020
$2.5bn expected revenue from new product launches by 2020
12 high quality manufacturing sites in 7 countries

Our Pipeline
Our targeted innovation strategy and cutting-edge science, combined with strategic partnerships, come together to ignite discovery and deliver innovation for patients with limited treatment options.

3 global businesses: hematology, immunology, oncology
40+ programs in the pipeline
12 new molecular entities
$595mm R&D investment in 2014
20 product launches expected in next 5 years

Visit our R&D section to learn more.

Our Portfolio
Baxalta has built sustainable businesses consisting of a number of market-leading therapies to treat orphan and underserved conditions in hematology, immunology and oncology.

7 regulatory approvals since mid-2013
12 acquisitions and key strategic partnerships negotiated

Visit the Therapies section for more information on our available treatments. 
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